Restore to work cannot be fictional

    •  Joanna Ostojska
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Comment by Joanna Ostojska for "Rzeczpospolita" of 4 th February 2016.

As the Supreme Court stated in its judgment of 9 December 2015 (and PK 342\/14).

The employer against whom the judgment was passed to restore to work, must not boycott this ruling. Must allow the subordinate to duties on all previous rules.

All article here /in Polish only/ [...]

There is no contracts concluded forever

Comment by Michał Tomczak for "Rzeczpospolita" of 4 th February 2016.

The agreement of the establishment of trade unions is the source of the labour law, and at the same time - the civil agreement. That's why you can terminate it collectively, without the need to modify each contract separately.As recognized by the Supreme Court in its judgment of 5 November 2015 (III CP 26\/15). All article here /in Polish only/[...]

Control mechanisms of enterpreneurs posting workers

    •  Marta Derewicz
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The employer who posts its employees to different European Union member state due to cross-border service provision should be aware of an audit which can be carried out in connection with the actions undertaken by the employers as regards posting.

The appropriate entity from member state in which the service is provided as well as entity of the country in which the employer has its office are entitled to carry out an audit in cooperation with each other in order to verify if the conditions of work of posted worker are in accordance with the appropriate provisions of EU law.[...]

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